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Who We Are

Headquartered in Scottdale, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Mallory & Evans Development serves as the general development arm of The Mallory & Evans Companies. Founded in 1956, Mallory & Evans specializes in the design and construction as well as the development and financing of a broad range of facilities. The companies are financially strong and have an unblemished record of performance throughout their history. We have the ability to be a single source of responsibility to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers as well as airlines and airports and other government agencies and authorities.
Mallory & Evans Development's ability to help companies and governments overcome fiscal restraints limiting development of essential facilities lies in our extensive in-house capabilities. Our financial resources combined with the creativity of our financial advisers and underwriters, have been more than adequate to meet the financing requirements of past as well as on-going high profile projects.


Our Team

John G. Dixon, Sr.
Chairman & CEO

John Dixon is the Chairman, CEO, and Managing Member of Mallory & Evans Development, LLC. He also is the Chief Executive Officer of all of the Mallory & Evans Companies and the Managing Principal of our European entities Airis ODG, Gmbh and ODG International, Gmbh. Mr. Dixon's primary role for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC is to manage overall business activities and provide executive oversight to all aspects of development, construction, and asset management. 

In 1984, Mr. Dixon assumed full ownership of Mallory and Evans Inc., the original flagship company that he joined in 1960 and what is now a family of more than 20 companies that collectively develop, finance, design, and construct a broad range of real estate projects. Mr. Dixon also has served as the President and CEO of Airis Holdings LLC, an affiliate company (later divested) that grew to be the world's largest private developer of on-airport facilities. Further, Mr. Dixon and his companies have used their financial markets experience in the fields of off-campus student housing, multi-family housing, infrastructure, and healthcare finance.

David C. Garrett
Chairman Emeritus

David C. Garrett, III is the Chairman Emeritus  for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC. Mr. Garrett’s primary roles for Mallory & Evans, LLC are project financing and legal review.

Mr. Garrett began his career as an attorney specializing in corporate and environmental law. In 1995 Mr. Garrett co-founded Airis Corporation with John Dixon, serving as Chairman of the Board and Chief Investment Officer. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Garrett co-founded the SPF Group, Mallory & Evans’ project finance subsidiary. Mr. Garrett is the author of a financial model adopted by rating agencies as their standard for evaluating and rating privately financed and developed public purpose projects. 

Mr. Garrett holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Georgia School of Law and a Bachelor of Science (BS IM) in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rick Jones
Property Management

Rick Jones serves as the President of the property management group, Caliber Living. He began his property management career in 1989 and has operated in markets throughout the country from coast to coast. He has worked in executive roles with many national multifamily companies, and has operated and asset managed diverse portfolios that have focued on student, senior, conventional, and affordable sectors. Rick has a BS in Business with a Finance concentration.

Johnny Dixon
President & Vice Chairman

Johnny Dixon is the Director of Business Development for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC. He also serves as consultant to the Mallory & Evans family of companies. Mr. Dixon’s primary role for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC is to identify potential developments and bring potential projects to fruition and conclusion as well as asset management and property disposition. 

Mr. Dixon began his relationship with Mallory & Evans more than 20 years ago serving initially in the construction division of the M&E family of companies, eventually rising to President of the “flagship” division. Mr. Dixon is also a founding member of Mallory& Evans Service Company as well as the founder of Maxon Holdings, LLC.  Mr. Dixon developed the Central Utilities Plant at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta, the only “brown field” infrastructure development in the United States. The CUP at Atlantic Station serves over 4 million square feet of mixed use space in the heart  of downtown Atlanta

Further, Mr. Dixon and his companies have used their capital markets experience in the fields of off-campus student housing, multi-family housing, infrastructure, and healthcare finance.

Ted Hudgins

Ted Hudgins is the Director of Construction of Mallory & Evans Development, LLC. He has a 35-year working history with John Dixon, Dave Garrett, and the Mallory & Evans group of companies.  Mr. Hudgins' primary role for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC is oversight and construction management. 

Mr. Hudgins has over 35 years of experience in construction, developing a comprehensive understanding of the entire industry. Formerly the Chief Operating Officer and President of Beers Construction, one of the largest construction firms in the United States with an annual construction volume of $2.8 Billion, he managed the operations of eight offices throughout the Southeast for 12 years. Prior to joining Mallory & Evans Development, LLC, he served as President of Manhattan Construction's Eastern Region for 5 years where he had four offices in the Southeast.  Mr. Hudgins has unparalleled expertise in the construction industry that can be attributed to his involvement and supervision on a broad range of projects including, but not limited to: student housing, hospitals, mixed-use, athletic stadiums and high-rise office buildings. In his experience, he has tallied more than 50 projects on over 15 college campuses nation-wide that comprise of everything from athletic and research facilities to student housing. 

Mr. Hudgins holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from Emory University and Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in Building Science from Auburn University.

David Kaplan
Aviation Development

David Kaplan is the Chief Financial Advisor of Mallory & Evans Development, LLC. He also serves as President and a Managing Principal of Mallory & Evans’ affiliate Airis ODG, Gmbh in Europe. Mr. Kaplan's primary role for Mallory & Evans Development, LLC is to provide executive oversight to all aspects of investment and divestment of assets and project finance structuring. 

Mr. Kaplan began his relationship with Mallory & Evans as its project finance advisor for its affiliate development companies. Along with Mallory & Evans Development, LLC, Mr. Kaplan co-founded a public-private partnership with the Kingdom of Sweden to privatize, acquire, and construct on-airport properties at all major airports in Sweden . More recently, Mr. Kaplan is the Managing Principal of Mallory & Evans Development associated firm Airis ODG, Gmbh headquartered in Baden Baden Germany.

Mr. Kaplan holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance summa cum laude and valedictorian from New York University , a Juris Doctor (JD) with a concentration in finance from the University of Florida , and a Bachelors of Art / Masters of Arts (BA/MA) joint degree summa cum laude from Emory University.

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