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Atlanta- Hartsfield Jackson Airport

International Concourse “E”-Hartsfield Jackson Airport

When it was built, the International Concourse at ATL was one of the largest construction projects in Georgia’s history; spanning 2,400,000 square feet over seven stories (four levels above and three levels below ground). The total cost of this project exceeded $300 million.

The building is “T” shaped and is 2,300 feet in length and 1,200 feet in width and contains twenty-four gates capable of handling wide-body aircraft.

The above-ground portion of the building includes a Control Tower, Penthouses, the Arrivals Level (Customs and Immigration), the Boarding Level (Departing Passengers) and the Apron Level (Ground Support).

The underground portion of the facility contains a new maintenance facility for the “people mover” trains, tunnel and tracks connecting to other concourses, a 1,000 foot test track, an automated baggage handling system and utility tunnels.

This entire project was constructed in the middle of the world’s busiest airport without any disruption to airport operations.

People Mover Maintenance Facility
Federal Immigration
Service Facilities
Control Tower,
Penthouses and Apron Level
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